We are a Non-Profit Society with a Board of Directors comprised of Retired Members of the Canadian Forces, RCMP, Paramedic/First Responder, Provincial Government, and Private Sectors.

This is a “safe” zone for people with PTSD, to visit and interact with others dealing with the same sort of issues, reactions, and feelings.  It is peer support, and help with the social issues encountered on a daily basis.

WE DO NOT PROVIDE THERAPY.  We do not have an on-site clinician at this stage in our development.  We can assist in connecting persons to professionals who have reached out and are in support of the ideals of RPR.

The main rules of RPR are RESPECT and NO JUDGEMENT.  We all have our list of triggers, hot-button topics, and issues.  The Golden Rule applies here, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  RESPECT AND NO JUDGEMENT.

Who can visit RPR?

Though we would love to have the resources to help everyone, we have chosen to focus mainly on:

  • Canadian Forces Members and Vets (including Reserves)
  • RCMP Members and Vets
  • Police Officers
  • Corrections Officers
  • Firemen/women (volunteer and regular force)
  • Paramedic Services/EMT’s/First Responders
  • 911 Operators
  • Emergency Room Nurses and Doctors
  • Journalists

We also want to assist immediate family members that are directly affected by those suffering with PTSD.

The person with PTSD MUST be in the care of a psychiatrist, psychologist and/or registered therapist, receiving regular treatment and check-ins.

How much does it cost to stay overnight?

We feel that the price has already been paid by those suffering with PTSD, and therefore do not charge individuals to say overnight.

We gratefully accept donations to help cover the cost of food, utilities and additional items.

We are in the process of being registered with VAC and Blue Cross to be a designated service provider, after which we will be able to bill directly to those organizations for accommodations.

How do I apply?

Our intake form is available for download.

Please fill in and email to jogrundy@rallypointretreat.org

A letter of support from your psychiatrist, psychologist or therapist can be emailed to the same address.  This letter is essential to (a) make sure your Doctor/therapist is aware of your interest to visit, (b) make sure you are in a “positive” phase of your treatment, neither suicidal nor homicidal (a danger to others).  We must protect the safety of all in attendance, and preserve the “safe zone”.

What should I bring?

Basic linen is provided in your room, ie. Clean sheets, towels, face cloths.  A selection of pillow types (hard, soft, fluffy, flat)

Some toiletry items have been graciously donated, so there are some shampoo, body wash and hand cream.  A pharmacy/corner store is nearby for other forgotten items.

Meals are provided, which is why allergies or triggers must be indicated.  Should you have any special dietary restrictions, every effort will be made to accommodate, however, please bring specialized items with you (ie. gluten free)


Coffee, tea, apple/orange juice and water are provided.  If you are a pop drinker, you will have to bring it with you.

Bring clothes for any weather, it is Nova Scotia after all…..the weather is only predictable in its unpredictability.  On site laundry is available if needed.

Hiking boots are suggested if you plan to enjoy the trails.

First Aid kits are on-site.

Additional allergy medication is suggested (benedryl, claratin, etc)

Some bug repellant is provided, though limited quantities.  There are blackflies, mosquitoes, horseflies, bees, hornets, wasps and ticks here, to name a few.  Be prepared to be bit by something, we are in the country……

How do I get there?

1478 Hwy 3, Sable River, NS

Nova Scotia South Shore Highway 103 West

Distance marker 116km

Exit 23 Lockeport

7.2 km on the right

Look for the sign


Medical Cannabis is allowed with proof of current, valid prescription.




This is a scent careful area, so strong perfumes or aftershave are respectfully restricted; not to mention how much the bugs are attracted to same.

This is a Non-Smoking home.  An area is provided for smoking outside.

Other restrictions may be added at the discretion of the Board.

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