by Bob Grundy 2014

We donned a uniform for our country
Signed a blank cheque for body and soul
Did what was asked by our country
Still have the body, paid with the soul

We proudly wore the Maple Leaf, did what was told
At home and abroad, some of us will not grow old
These Red and White colours from danger never run
We were there as ordered, till the dirty job was done

Now the job is complete and payment is due
Some have all their limbs, some as little as two
The movies don’t show just what felt and smelt
We’ve heard and seen too much and paid for it well.

You’ll not see us marching in a public parade
We’re seldom at the mall, fair or arcade
We quietly remember at the call of the roll
That we are home now, paid with the soul

We wear the Teal ribbon
For the scars don’t show
We seldom share our stories
They are for us in the know

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