Rally Point Retreat is expanding!

It is with great anticipation and excitement that we announce the acquisition of the adjacent parcel of land, adding 202 acres to RALLY POINT RETREAT!!

In the coming months, input will be needed to formulate a plan(s) to raise funds and draw up construction initiatives to develop the land for tiny homes/cabins for the homeless under our established list of those with PTSD (Military, RCMP, First Responders, Fire, Police, Corrections Officers, Emergency room Nurses and Doctors, 911 Operators and Journalists).

The current 118 acres will still be utilized for cabins for guests of RPR.

These are exciting times in the evolution of RPR, with more and more people talking about it, and to us about the future.

Onward and Upward!!!

Rally Point Retreat is expanding with the recent purchase of adjacent land.

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